| Primal - Ultros Mist Ward 7 Plot 30 |
Hours (in EST)
Thursday: 9pm-11pm
Friday: 10pm-1am

Opening times are fluid and may be later or earlier depending on staff schedules

Welcome~We are a group of friends that love to meet new people and hang out. Our venue has been around for almost two years, and we would love it if you came by to see us!

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Meet our lovely staff that make Honeysuckle special!Employees available for companionship services will be listed as such here. Those courtesans who engage in 18+ services will be using the yellow "Looking to Meld" tag at our venue. Those who engage only in SFW services will be using the green "Looking for Group" tag.

Hinotori Bishop
18+ E/RP (F+)
Co-Owner & Founder

Hinotori is very passionate about tea and the finer things in life. She is always willing to help her guests have the best night possible, whatever that may require.Fun Fact: If she isn't at the teahouse, she can be found at a local mahjong parlorCharacter Preference: F/F+ | Role: Dom

Tadys Bishop
Co-Owner & Manager

Tadys is a relaxed woman who enjoys chatting up her customers as well as the occasional tease. Ask for anything and she's always one to please!

Krysslona Fiandonwynn

As a seasoned traveler, Krysslona has seen many parts of the world with her own eyes, and collected her share of stories from each one.

Dalamud (Dal) Dango
18+ E/RP (F/F+)
Escort (Fridays)

Dal is an enigmatic and versatile seductress that loves getting to know what makes people tick. Outside of the teahouse, Dal is a wandering minstrel that dabbles in red magic.Character Preference: Any | Role: Switch

Yvet Ishtar
18+ E/RP (F)
Escort (Thursdays)

Yvet is a long lived and well travelled veena with a passion for various forms of dance. She finds pleasure in providing comfort for those in need of such, be it through conversation or otherwise.Character Preference: Any | Role: Soft Dom or Sub

Lauren Ranta
18+ E/RP (F/F+)
Escort (first two Fridays of the month)

A proud warrior, and a woman of principle, Lauren carries herself with dignity and a sense of undying confidence. Towards those she takes a liking too though, she is quite the affectionate and bright companion.Character Preference: Any, F leaning | Role: Switch

Cal Midori

A well-travelled member of the Shinobi, Cal is currently on leave with her profession while she tries to figure out her future. Willing to lend an ear and company, she is eager to learn more about others while making sure they enjoy themselves.


All patrons of Honeysuckle must be 18+.

If you are interested in a private service, feel free to reach out to Ms. Hinotori or an escort themselves to make arrangements with one of our lovely staff members.

- Staff members interested in E/RP will have the Looking to Meld (Yellow) tag. Those bookable for SFW RP will have an LFG (Green) TagOur staff reserves the right to provide and refuse services at their own discretion. Thank you!